Accounting & Book Keeping Services

Chartford Auditors and Business Services offers a wide range of services that are specifically tailored to each client’s specific needs. SMEs, Small and Medium Enterprises have their peculiar needs. Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients.

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Internal Audit

Internal auditing provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operations, specifically its internal control structure. The internal audit function helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The scope of internal auditing is broad and may involve the efficiency of operations, IT controls, the reliability of financial reporting, deterring and detecting fraud, and compliance with laws and regulations. Internal Auditors may also conduct compliance and operational audits, offering solutions for weaknesses in internal controls and verifying that all laws and regulations are upheld.

Statutory Compliance & Taxation

India is a land of many laws. All businesses will have to comply with various Acts, Laws, Rules and Regulations in a normal course of business such as Income Tax Act, Income Tax Rules, Companies Act 2013, Goods and Service Tax, Limited liability Partnership Regulations, Partnership Act, Labour Act etc.

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Payroll Services

Specialized in offering payroll services to business owners, we offer a complete payroll management solution that helps our customers to manage their payroll functions effectively. Outsourcing payroll services have an enormous number of benefits for both small and big businesses. It is never easy for business owners to stay up-to- date with all the tax rules and adaptations while handling other major business responsibilities. On the other side, outsourcing payroll services can ease your payroll headache as it dealt by experts who are well aware of all tax rules and also there are less possibility of making errors. By outsourcing, payroll experts help you with managing taxes & payments, filings, calculations, forms, etc.

Fraud Audit and Investigation

The Fraud Audit and Investigation Service is often initiated due to an existing operational issue or suspected financial fraud or un-authorised activity. Our audit services essentially entails a review of the existing processes, an in-depth analysis of the existing control systems, appropriateness of the ‘checks and balances’ within the organisation and appropriateness of exercise of powers by the discretionary authorities.

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Manage business

After registration under various acts its very important to follow rules and regulations of that act like Annual Compliances for PVT, Annual Filings for LLPs, Increase in Authorised Capital, Maintain your Accounts, Close Your Private Limited Company, Close Your LLP, Add a Director, Remove a Director, Add a Designated Partner, Change Objectives of Your Business, Change Official Address, Change Company Name, Change LLP Agreement, Partnership to LLP, Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company, Private Limited to Public Limited Company, Private Limited to One Person Company, Employee Stock Option Plan .